We welcome INS student Meg Donahue to the laboratory!


We welcome research scientist Polina Lyuboslavsky to the laboratory!


We welcome postdoc Loren Hoffmann to the laboratory!

We host high school student Bella Thomas from the Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders for a summer internship through The Neuroscience Studies Foundation.


Dr. Brumback mentors Jessica Tom for her UT Austin Health Science Scholars and Plan II Honors Programs thesis
The Effect of Physician Communication on Health Outcomes of Patients with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities


We welcome postdoc Fantao Meng to the laboratory!




Dr. Brumback participates in the NIH workshop Biomarkers to Enable Therapeutics Development in Neurodevelopmental Disorders


We begin analysis of our first in vivo electrophysiology recordings with the help of automated spike sorting.


We collect our first patch clamp physiology recording thanks to INS rotator Sophie Sánchez!

Dr. Brumback accepts the Philip R. Dodge Young Investigator Award at the annual meeting of the Child Neurology Society and gives a presentation entitled Toward novel circuit therapies for autism.

Dr. Brumback leads a discussion on autism through the Department of Neuroscience's UT Brainstorms program.

September: We hold our inaugural weekly lab meeting! 

Brumback & Howard Labs inaugural lab meeting
From left to right: Meredith McCarty, Aurora Weiden, Jessica Chancey, Sophie Sanchez, MacKenzie Howard, Audrey Brumback

Dr. Brumback pens a guest blog for Dell Medical School.

August: Dr. Brumback's postdoctoral fellowship work accepted for publication in Molecular Psychiatry.

Dr. Brumback performs her first in vivo electrophysiology (tetrode) recordings in awake, behaving mice with mentorship from our next door neighbors in the Colgin Lab

We welcome Aurora Weiden and Meredith McCarty to the lab as research assistants.

INS student Sophie Sánchez begins her first rotation with us - welcome! 

July: Dr. Brumback selected as a "Faculty Rising STAR" by the University of Texas System.

June: Dr. Brumback selected to receive the 2017 Philip R. Dodge Young Investigator Award by the Child Neurology Society

May: Dr. Brumback speaks at the Early Career Research Training Symposium: A Roadmap to Academic Success for Residents and Fellows at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Neurology.

January: Arrive at UT Austin. Dr. Brumback invited to join the Center for Learning and Memory and the Institute for Neuroscience.